About Us

In 1962 Jackson began manufacturing quality steel trailers in Chickasha, OK. Through the years Jackson Trailers has earned the well-deserved reputation of producing the highest quality steel trailers built in the USA today. Each trailer is hand built and finished to the same strict standards dictated by Mike when he began the business. In 1993 Mike Jackson passed away. To this day, family continues to run the business. We thank you for the many years behind and ahead of us as we continue to manufacture quality trailers for you and your family to enjoy! 

Jackson MFG LLC.

2153 County Street 2827 * Chickasha, OK 73018-7954 * (405) 224-6013
Fax: (405) 224-2402 * Email: sales@jacksontrailers.com

Due to the rising cost of raw materials, prices are subject to change!